Friday, January 18, 2008

Tea time for kitties

Found this and thought it was too cute!!

Thursday, December 27, 2007

It has been so long since I posted here. I plan to have a tea party in February and will post pictures of that. It is snowing again and what better way to end a winter day then a cup of Stash's Christmas Eve Tea and a freshly baked Chocolate Chip Scone with whipped cream. I love Stash Tea. They are the best. I do serve some others occasionally if I run out and do not plan ahead, but Stash Tea is hands down my favorite. And the Christmas Eve is so good and caffeine free which is awesome at night. And this scone recipe is the best one ever. I bake them for family and friends now and again and everyone loves them.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Teapots teapots teapots

I have a variety of teapots, some were gifts, some I purchased for myself. I like all of them obviously some are plainer then others I few are actually china, others are stoneware. And yes that is a broken teapot you see in the lower right corner. My youngest son put a cat into the cabinet and you can see the result. The teapot was a gift from some very nice ladies in Tennessee. SO I am going to get some super glue and see if I can't patch it up enough to use for decorating purposes. Anyway I have not payed more then $20 for any of these teapots, I am not sure about the gifts, but my suggestion for finds are yard sales, antique stores, thrift shops, estate sales. This advice goes for teacups, china, creamer and sugars, etc. Only a few of my things were brand new when I bought them. I figure all of this stuff is very washable. As for brand new things always watch for a sale. All my brand new ones were on sale. It took me years to collect these and I still look for more. I plan to have that tea room some day and want to be able to do it without having to be everything then.

Monday, July 23, 2007

Putting the Tea in your Tea

I know alot of people use Lipton tea and thats it. Nothing wrong with that I have a big box of it myself in my tea cupboard. But there are soooo many more options out there. My very favortie tea company is Stash Tea. I will include a link on my page for their site. I adore their tea. My favorites are Creme Caramel, and Christmas Eve tea. Both caffeine free and yummy!!! They have so many different flavors. And they offer their tea in either tea bags or loose leaf. I prefer the loose leaf, but the tea bags are great as well.

A word on safety, LOL

Okay first remember to have fun!!!! I forgot this during my first tea and got over anxious and in a rush and proceeded to try to carry way more of my china plates then I should have, and was hurrying through the parking lot and tripped, yes tripped, I broke 30 china plates and cut up my hands pretty bad. By everything that is involved with having tea it can be dangerous, boiling water, glass, and china it can be dangerous if we get to rushing. So relax don't do anything dumb like me!!! Learn from my mistake. And above all enjoy yourself.

Friday, July 20, 2007

Valentines Tea

Picture of the Valentines Tea that I gave at my church here in Ks. Some of my family came to this one. The picture contains my daughter, parents, and youngest brother. The table behind them has a number of friends from other churches who came as well. This tea was very nice. It was also the first tea I that I was the entertainment as well as the hostess!!! Not to mention set up crew and chef!! I love doing this it is sooooo much fun.

This is a picture of one of the tables before all the dishes etc were placed. I used tulips for Valentine's day for the decorations and gave them to my helpers who helped clean up. Which incidentally were my friends and family.. Thanks everyone.

Tennessee Teas

These four lovely ladies came to most every tea I served for the church in Tennessee. They always seemed to have such a good time. I miss them!! This particular tea was served at the table not as a buffet.

This is my former father in law serving as a waiter for one of the teas we had. He kept the teapots full of hot fresh tea!! Also behind him is the buffet table I set up for this one.

More ladies at a tea. Here you can also see some of the decorating I did to transform a gym into a tea room.

another tea I did in the spring I think I used alot of yellow in the decorating of the gym this time.

And last but not least is a picture of my two former sisters in law Jennifer and Sandy taken at one of the teas. They both helped me prepare some of the foods before it started and usually helped with some of the clean up.